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Wellhöfer Attic Stairs GutHolz with Thermal Protection WS4D, handrail and guardrail.

Wellhöfer Treppen is one of the leading producers for attic stairs, attic hatches, wall hatches and space saving stairs. The company was founded and still resides in Würzburg, central in Germany just one hour south of Frankfurt am Main. Here we are producing top range attic stairs for more than 60 years by now.

The first certified Passive House Attic Stairs anywhere in the world.

Safety of the certification by the Passive House Institute.

It is time to put an end to unclear U-values and vague statements like "suitable for passive houses". For the first time the safety of the certification by the Passive House Institute is provided by Wellhöfer Passive House Attic Stairs/Hatches. Maximized double insulation, new double sealing and a specialized PH-connection system meet the stringent criteria for the overall system "attic stairs + ceiling" including the thermal bridges.
Worldwide first attic stairs with passive house certificate.

Leading the safe and easy way to the attic.

Specializing on attic hatches and loft ladders has lead to many solutions which you will not find otherwise. Wellhöfer products are especially developped to suit all needs during installation and use. Architects, sales partners, contractors and building owners can relay on tested and certified quality.

Among the three different versions you will always find the right attic stairs:
GutHolz - always the right choice. Tried-and-tested 3-section attic stairs manufactured from wood, stringers with 9 cm deep steps joined using classic dove-tail joints.
StahlBlau - when something special is required. 3-section attic stairs manufactured from steel, painted several times, 11 cm deep steps.
Liliput - for small ceiling openings. Concertina loft ladder manufactured from aluminium, ideal for renovations, 11 cm deep steps.

Wellhöfer Attic Stairs GutHolz, StahlBlau, Liliput. Shown with additional features like Thermal Protection WS4D and handrail.

Always the fitting attic stairs.

Custom-made solutions provide always the fiiting attic stairs. For

  • ceiling openings: 70x50 cm - 160x100 cm
  • ceiling heights: 17 - 90 cm
  • ceiling to floor heights: 190 - 360 cm

you will find the matching attic stairs in our programm.
The product configurator "MassBox" (sorry, German only) checks all measures and restrictions automatically and selects the right kind of stairs for you. The displayed price is valid in Germany only.
Please contact our distributors in your country or our export manager for further information (List of our partners in foreign countries, pdf 7KB).

Always the required features.

Depending on the building and the ceiling special requirements might occur. From safety during the use of the attic stairs like handrail and guardrail to special solutions like flat roof exit Wellhöfer offers you the entire variety of additional features.

Wellhöfer attic stairs and hatches always provide all the installation material. When it comes to fire or thermal requirements the installation gap between ceiling and hatch frame holds the biggest danger. This gap must provide the same qualifications like the ceiling or the hatch, be it fire resistance of 30 or 90 minutes from top and below or air-tightness. For the safe and easy installation of the hatch Wellhöfer attic stairs with Thermal Protection (WS3D, WS4D) or Fire Protection (FS30, FS30 2S, FS90 2S) always include a tested and certified connection-system.

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